Umbrella Insurance

The Facts About California Umbrella Insurance

Get Extended Coverage with Umbrella Insurance

It is pretty easy to get sued these days. If someone gets hurt on your sidewalk, or even if you have a minor fender bender in your car, you could end up in court. In a worst-case scenario, you could lose everything you own. This is where a California Umbrella insurance policy from the Michael Comer Agency can come to the rescue.

You have liability insurance on your home, it is part of your car insurance, and you may have other liability coverage as well. All of those policies have limits. An umbrella policy will cover you if you exceed those limits. If you have a $300,000 liability limit on your car insurance, for example, and you get in a terrible accident, you could be found liable for $500,000. In that case, you would still be responsible for paying $200,000. An umbrella policy would pay that for you.

Often, it is the very wealthy who have these policies, and they should as they have more to lose. Even so, it can be a smart idea for anyone that owns some property. If you have equity in your house, you have something that you could lose in a liability lawsuit. It is also a good thing for people who are about to retire and have life savings they plan to live on in retirement.

You must have the regular insurance policies first, and then you can add the umbrella policy to your current insurance. Coverage is not very expensive and can give you a sense of security. These policies can cover a multitude of situations and accidents. They can also cover slander and copyright lawsuits.

Stop by the Michael Comer Agency or give us a call to determine if an umbrella policy is right for you in California. You can also speak with one of our agents to have your questions answered. We can help you get a quote and find the policy that is best for you.