Life Insurance

The Facts About California Life Insurance

Find the Right Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance is not something most people enjoy talking about, but it is something people should think about as part of taking care of their family. The Michael Comer Agency can help you find the life insurance policy that is right for California residents.

The primary purpose of getting life insurance is to make sure your family will be taken care of if you die and are no longer in the picture. This is true for both spouses in a family, especially in the modern world. You can also make sure your children's education is taken care of if you are unable to help them at that time. Life insurance is one part of the picture as you do your financial planning.

There are several kinds of insurance, and all have positives and negatives that fit people in different situations better. Term insurance is the cheapest and most straightforward. It covers you for a set amount of time and has no cash value at the end. Whole life gives you a set rate that cannot be changed and it has some cash value. Universal life has more adjustable rates with level payments. It has cash value and you have more input into the investments made. Variable insurance combines universal life with your investment account.

Some companies offer employees group life insurance. This can be continued after employment ends, but it is more expensive than your company’s policy in most cases. California law stipulates that employment insurance is transferable after employment ceases.

Visit the Michael Comer Agency for all your California insurance needs. You may give us a call and set up an appointment or visit us in person. We can help you determine the best policy and the best options for your situation. We find solutions for families based on the needs of individuals. Make sure your family is protected and that life insurance is part of your overall financial plan for the future of your family.