Commercial Insurance

The Facts About California Commercial Insurance

Commercial business owners in California need strong insurance policies if they hope to compete in a saturated landscape. From rent to general business expenses, they invest a lot of themselves and their resources into their business. This means you have that much more to lose if something happens to it.

You may not be able to stop a cyberhacker, natural disaster, or a frivolous lawsuit from a disgruntled client, but you can get the coverage you need to protect your livelihood. Before you pick a policy, you need to consider its terms and limits carefully.

Commercial Help from Michael Comer Agency

The regulations in California leave commercial business owners open to all kinds of risks. They may lose part of their building to an earthquake. They may have an ex-employee sue for discrimination. They may lose their customers' data in a breach. Many owners don't have the assets they need to withstand these expenses. If they don't have commercial insurance to help, they'll fold under pressure.

This is why business owners are strongly encouraged to buy a policy that can cover anything from an expensive lawsuit to devastating property loss. Because your business doesn't just affect you and your family, you need to consider every angle before you make your decision. The helpful staff at Michael Comer Agency can counsel you on both the common and uncommon risks that may befall on your company.

Deciding on a Policy

Policies can be tailor-made for your organization. Whether you're a one-person operation or you're adding new employees every week, there's a policy that can work for you. Commercial business policies from Michael Comer Agency can cover you against several events that you may be leaving your business vulnerable to. Calling today can put you on a path of protection. Reach out to find more about how we can help or ask any questions about your current level of coverage.