Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

The Facts About California Auto Insurance

In California, car owners are required to have auto insurance for their vehicles. Auto insurance affords you a financial reprieve in case an insured event such as an accident renders your car unusable. At Michael Comer Agency, we write auto insurance in California. Having served the neighborhood for a quite a while now, we are privy to the local auto insurance needs. As such, we have designed our coverage options to address these needs comprehensively.

Our auto insurance coverage options

Personal injury coverage

Often, car accident injuries lead to loss of income. The loss of income combined with unprecedented medical expenditures can leave you financially unstable. This coverage option enables you to meet these and other financial obligations as you recover.

Comprehensive coverage option

The comprehensive coverage option insures your vehicle against non-accident events such as weather damage and theft. Such events occur spontaneously which makes this option an essential addition to your auto insurance policy.

Liability coverage

Liability coverage is mandatory for all car owners in California. The coverage option handles your litigation costs after an accident. If you are found culpable for the accident, the coverage option helps you settle the accrued damages.

Collision coverage

Collision coverage is tailored to meet your vehicle’s repair costs after an accident. Note that your vehicle’s repair costs aren’t covered in the liability coverage options, hence the significance of this coverage option. Collision coverage is a vital addition if you often drive in busy neighborhoods or cities.

Why choose Michael Comer Agency

We have tailor-made our auto insurance coverage options to meet the prevailing auto insurance needs in the state. Also, we work with an experienced team of agents who will guide you on the ideal coverage options for your vehicle.

Contact us today for a free quote on your auto insurance policy. While at it, you can browse our other insurance solutions on our website.